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How do I retry a Missed Payment on FrontGate?

Please follow the different suggestions below (provided by FrontGate Tickets) to bring your Baja Beach Fest LayawayPlan up-to-date and to ultimately avoid having your pass(es) cancelled. 

  1. Contact your bank to verify what may be causing the transaction to decline. 
  2. If you recently received a new card and need to update the card expiration date, or full card number, you can do so by logging into your account. Please log in to your Baja Beach Festival account HERE. Once logged in, it will allow you to update your stored card information.

To manually retry your failed payment:

  1. Login to Your FrontGate Account
  2. Select Order History
  3. Find your order and select Manage Layaway Plan
  4. If you need to update your card information, you will need to go to Account Details and select the Billing Details tab.
  5. You will then click Retry to process any failed payments up until this point, or you can pay off your order in full.