How do I Transfer my pass to another fan?

You can easily sell or transfer your pass to another fan by creating a Private Exchange link on the Official Ticket Exchange page.

  1. Click the “Private Exchange” button and then “Get Link.”
  2. Enter your email address to locate your passes
  3. Select the passes you want to create the link for. Only one pass type can be sold in one link. If you have multiple pass types you want to sell, you will have to create a separate link.
  4. Set the price you wish to sell your passes for and enter your PayPal email address. Then click “Continue”
  5. Use the “Share” button to copy the link you created

Once your link is created, you can safely share it via email, SMS or social media. Anyone with the link can buy your passes using a credit card. When your passes are purchased, the passes are transferred from your account to the buyer.  Once transferred to the buyer you will no longer have access to them. You can deactivate the link at any time before the passes are purchased.

Note (Payment Plan Customers)

Only passes that have been Paid in Full may be eligible for a Pass Transfer via Lyte. If you are on an existing payment plan, you must wait until the full duration of your payment plan to begin a transfer.