What is allowed in the venue?

BBF24 Allowed & Banned Items + Bag Policy Asset-06_1200x1500
  • YES Cameras (Non-Professional)
    • Detachable lens cameras are not allowed.
  • YES Chapstick, lip balm, lipstick
  • YES Small flags of countries/regions
    • 12.5 x 18 inch max size
  • YES GoPros (No poles/sticks)
  • YES Mobile phones and external chargersYes sunblock (sealed/unopened)
  • YES Eye drops (sealed/unopened)
  • YES female hygiene items (sealed/unopened)
  • YES Makeup
  • YES Binoculars and earplugs
  • YES gum and mints
  • YES small single pocket drawstring bags
  • YES small empty hydration packs
  • YES small purses or fanny packs
  • YES hand sanitizers and small pack of disinfecting wipes (sealed and unopened)
  • YES Empty reusable water bottles and hydration packs, and plastic or aluminum water bottles
  • YES good vibes, big smiles, and lots of energy